The Peak that Launched a Thousand Sneezing!

Yes, you heard it right. I was literally sneezing as it was too cold that time. We even had to wait for the fog to be cleared by the powerful wind so we may be able to witness how spectacular the view up there at the mountains are.

Initially, we only planned for Osmeña Peak, which I believe was an easy trek. Just a walk at the park for newbies like me. And this one right here offers you a 360-degree view paired with Cebu’s coastline.



But then what’s life with a little bit of challenge, right? We decided to continue the day trekking for more and discovered Kandungaw Peak. Hesitant as it was raining that time, but that’s not a reason for the mighty hearts to continue. We trekked for quite some time, hold a couple of ropes for survival and even fitted ourselves unto small hole caves for a little visit.



That was one hell of a day trek isn’t it? Well not only because of that alone, I actually discovered I feared the sound of “sayaw birds” inside the cave.


“I went alone and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made”

I actually had apprehensions at first. It’s difficult to be solo this time as there are a lot of factors to be considered. I knew nothing about Baguio, or Sagada or La Union maybe. Weather is so much unpredictable as it could be sunny now but will pour too much rain a few minutes. And that could be scary sometimes considering that the road we’re gonna pass by is considered one of the most dangerous roads in the Philippines. But then I had so many things going through my mind that even a single cowardice never hit me. So yeah, push na this!

Then I just knew I am the only solo joiner in the trip. Yes, I actually purchased a package tour for my own sake. I was not able to do my research and it would be a waste of time going from one bus to another so the best option is to avail a package.(for my Banaue-Sagada-Baguio trip only) It’s scary at first. Mainly because I need to deal with some strangers during the trip. I am not fond of speaking their language as well and again I AM THE ONLY SOLO JOINER IN THE TRIP!


But then I never knew this would be so much memorable to me. Not because, I went to these famous tourist spots, or because I had quite a lot of great pictures. But because doing solo this time made me realize a lot of things and I discovered some parts of me I never knew existed. I was too preoccupied at work and some responsibilities at home that I never thought I needed much ME time.

A lot of things has happened during my trip. That entails my almost amazing race from airport to the bus terminal. Then the jaw dropping view yet scary road of Banaue and Sagada. Plus sleeping in a boy’s dormitory because of the spooky hostel at Baguio. And of course I survived speaking the language I am not so fond in using and then interacting with some stranger company turned to friends.
There has been a lot of mishaps in between the trip which I could no longer note each. But one thing is for sure. I conquered, I learned and definitely enjoyed my solitude. Yes I was alone, but I never felt loneliness within me.

Capping 2017 with lessons to learn :)

JANUARY taught me how to maintain friendship despite distance and schedule. This month I traveled with my co-scholars.

FEBRUARY made me realize that valentines is not only limited to the union of two people but also encompasses the unity of God’s gift called family.

MARCH and APRIL were those months I don’t know what my plans are. I learned that sometimes you need not to have plans. That there are times you just need to go with the flow and be surprised.

MAY is always a reminder that anything can happen in a blink of an eye. The month I lost my mother.

JUNE pointed out that life is not a race. Some of my friends are almost finish with their Masters education and I just started mine this month. Nonetheless, I need to pat myself at the back for being able to consider this doing so. It’s hard to juggle a full time job and school at the same time.

JULY was a painful reminder how we make wrongful decisions on important events of our lives. This month was one of my lowest point for year 2017.

AUGUST made me let go of people I do not want to continue associating with. They never realized your worth and that was more than enough reason to walk away.

SEPTEMBER got so many changes happening in my life. Got drastic change of plans, from cutting ones hair to short after a long time, from climbing peaks which is not my cup of tea and to opening new roads to my plain career life.

OCTOBER made me sad as I have to bid goodbye to my school colleagues but at the same time happy as that introvert girl I once grew upon is now gaining more and more friends.

NOVEMBER opened my eyes to the wonders of going to different places alone. It was genuinely fun that it made me scared I might get used to the feeling of not needing someone.

DECEMBER added one more year to my existence. To sum everything, it’s already 24 years full of self-love and contentment.

To My Rose gold

A friend you are to me
Even if at first I was blinded and cannot see
The goodness you tried to offer me
I’ve got some issues and thought it was not for free.

But then you tried your very best
The effort you exerted made you different from the rest
That even if I am bad you made me feel
That I deserve a friend, a friend that was for real.

Then one day I got sick and frail.
You offered me strength and build a trail
A trail of not giving up and indeed it revealed
That you are my true friend, a true friend for real.



Academic Scholars Unite at Bohol

We went to Bohol via Oceanjet Shipping Lines. Paid the round trip for a one-way price as an advance booking promo.

Not wasting much time, upon arrival at pier, we then started the whole day tour around Bohol.

Baclayon Church

Loboc Man-Made Forest



Floating Restaurant/Busay Falls

Habitat Butterflies Conservation Center


Chocolate Hills


Tarsier Conservation Area


Bamboo Hanging Bridge


We paid additional price for these attractions as it was not part of the agreed package:

Hinagdanan Cave





Not to mention the famous white sand Panglao Beach. Take note: It’s actually for free.





Indeed it was a memorable trip since I never had much time to reunite with them. I am much thankful for the safe trip, the company I am with, the great attractions I landed upon and the beautiful people of Bohol for welcoming us and at the same time sharing how lovely their native land is.

10,000 Roses @ Cordova, Cebu

If I had a rose for every time I thought of you, I’d be picking roses for a lifetime.But If I could just pile the flowers I’m picking, then it would exactly look like this and even more.


We were there before it became the talk of the town and I can say, the place was indeed a good spot for some to come by and just be at peace. The sea breeze, artificial flowers dancing and how it sparkles at night makes it even more magical.

However, we took dinner at Lantaw and just within a few span of time, people were already crowding the place so no pictures for its magical state.

To That One Person Who Taught Me What Waiting Really Is…

Ironic as it may sound, you have taught an impatient person how to wait.

And not just simply waiting, she has hidden herself behind the walls of her not-so-introvert world. Spectators may not see that, but Yes! She has quite put on a show. She kept mum for way too long more than she could ever remember. She genuinely felt sad, it was her mistake and felt wronged for that. A single mistake, yet a lifetime burdensome for her. She actually tried to win you back way back then. Never did she knew that it’s actually bitter the second time around. “It was sweet,” that was what she thought at first.

Seeing you smiling and striving to do best makes her heart skip a beat. She was happy because you were happy and that’s what she thought. But the moment the sun sets, and she’s about to go bed that happiness turned to pain. Her heart skipped a beat merely because she was hurting. It was actually skipping most of the beat like no music was ever made. She was so into you that instead of being a flower, she has to sting and be the bee. That was her defense and that drives them away. She was so cautious that it made her so distant. And that distance, created a gap between the world she’s living and the world she’s trying to create to be with you.

On a brighter note, she unexpectedly discovered that through the process of waiting, she did not found you, she found herself. She learned that it was no longer you she was waiting. She was actually waiting for herself to come back. She tried to change herself for you, hence, she buried the “her” that everybody was used to be acquainted with. She has to deceive and be a good and perfect one for you but it was actually her, the no-pretense-yet-not-so-bad side of her that made her remarkable and be loved, and that was what she found.

Unfortunate as it may be, some things are never meant to happen for us. She accepted that and so little by little she learned to lower down her walls so they could see how a blossoming flower she could be. THANKFUL. That was what she felt towards him now. She’s thankful to that one person who taught her what waiting really is.

Bojo River Cruise

Together with my co-scholar peeps in college, we decided to try this talked of the town “Bojo River cruise” in Aloguinsan.

If I remembered it right, we individually paid P800(for a group of 5) and that already included the following:

Welcome snacks
Farm tour
Educational River tour
Demo weaving
Lei together with their mini performance Buffet lunch

Upon arriving we were welcomed with this small yet cozy farm.


Inside, we are even more welcomed by the snacks which was really a good timing since we were a bit hungry that time. All snacks tasted good. In fact, it was my first time to eat that “kinilaw na puso sa saging” and after that, I even craved for more. Too sad we need to hurry up a bit since we need to start the river tour while tide is still high.


Some habal-habal drivers fetched us from the farm going to the river.

As we embark, we were again welcomed by these wonderful people. They even gave us the leis we’re wearing and sang a cultural song for us which actually gave us this tourist feels. Hahahaha


Not wasting much time, we changed clothes, wore some vests and started the river tour.


Indeed the tour was really educational and cost-worthy. I was told the proceeds of the Bojo River Cruise will be used to fund local community programs and projects which would be of a big help to the local families in the area.

We also had a quick side trip to Hermit’s Cove.

If you want to try the adventure, make sure you set a schedule on a high tide and ask assistance to their local tourism office. I believe they have a facebook page “Aloguinsan River Eco-Cultural Tour.” Don’t worry, expect a quick reply from them and you would then experience how wonderful people they are. Contact them the soonest!

I came here ‘Chasing Waterfalls’

So after my ESL teaching life, I had the urge to start my so called “brand new beginning?” since I’ve got to finally have few rest days to explore different places and try to conquer new things. Here’s the first one I had with my new workmates. We capped the year 2015 by chasing some waterfalls in Alegria Cebu. I need not to narrate much of it but there’s no way I won’t tell you about the tasty lechon we had found just across the office where you would register before starting to visit these falls. It’s indeed tasty but the best part is it’s budget friendly as well.

We’ll going back, you need to register at their office before starting. Negotiate with their “habal-habal” drivers and you’re good to go.There are many “habal-habal” available so no need to worry. Just set aside a few pesos since it’s a bit pricey: each destination has its price to pay. It’s not that near so I would understand, but there’s a different rate for foreign and local tourists(Lucky me! I pay cheaper and you know why! :D).

First one was Montpellier Falls(7/10).


The view from afar. Lovely isn’t it?


Next was the Cambais Falls(8/10).


Lastly, the Cancalanog Falls(8/10).


The trek was kind of tiring but just look at the water, pretty much inviting.

Just worth the trek I must say.

How much did these three falls costs us? It was a bit blurry to remember but I’m sure we just paid not more than a thousand pesos. Maybe 700++ just for that three waterfalls(excluding the fare and food though). But the experience was great and I would definitely come back and try out those others that I’ve missed. Well they actually have a number of waterfalls to visit so you should try too!